Our Team

We are very lucky to have such professionals on board.
Well, see for yourself.

Jeff Gordon

25 years of experience in website development. Founded Etch Design as "you can do something better". From the very beginning focused on technical aspects and current trends in coding. His favourite web dev tool is Notepad+ .

Ann Brown
Creative Director

"You become a profesional web designer after your first 100 websites" - says Ann. Well - its easy to say for someone who currently sits at 278 completed website designs. 

Jessica Doe
Senior Web Developer

Started as a Wordpress developer but quickly moved to Drupal and Joomla. Since Joomla developer are currently as rare as unicorns this kept her going for a while.
Unfortunately he was constantly chasing some more custom work and more advanced solutions. This is how she met Jeff.

Jack aka "Gandalf the Grey"
Junior Web Developer

The oldest Junior Web Developer on this planet. Jack started in mid 90-ties, so technically he's got some serious backgroud however he refused to be promoted to a senior role as this would age him more. 

Emma Jones
Server Management Specialist

Emma not only looks good, but also knows how to set up any server from scratch. Expert in network security. Hates Windows and uses only Linux terminal.

Max Kaiser
Senior Web Developer

Max knows his stuff can be very annoying. He worked as an independent contractor for us to help us out with the most difficult projects we had. Two months ago he decided to join us. At the beginning this was only his decision, but after some time we have changed our minds. 


Etch Design is a web design and development company located in Perth, Western Australia.

Contact: 1800 456 837
Email: hello@itch.com.au

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